Pureti 16oz Spray Bottle
  • Pureti 16oz Spray Bottle

    We are the proud distributor of the Worlds #1 light activated glass treatment technology.


    • Turns your Health Shield and Windows into light activated air purifiers.

    • The air inside the car is continually cleansed. As the air is circulated by the opening of doors and windows, pollutants are forced against the Shield and windows, and destroyed.

    • Perfect for retail stores too. Use on all windows and shields that received direct sunlight.

    • Each application lasts for months!

    • Pollutants and odors are destroyed on contact.

    • NASA, NIOSH Tested. EPA approved.

    • Also makes cleaning your Shield and Windows easier by eliminating film and grime buildup. Anti-fogging too. Cut’s time and labor to clean by 60%!

    • Easy to apply. Just spray and wipe. No extra cleaning steps needed.

    • 16oz spray bottle, with micro-fiber cloth.



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