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Helping Keep Drivers And Passengers Healthy.


Polycarbonate Strength

Shatterproof protection for you and your passengers ensures your safety in any scenario. 

Cleans Easily.png

Cleans Easily

Maximize your protection with an easily cleanable, visibly clear,  shield. 



Get the shields you need, and use them only when and where you need them. 

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Airflow Protection 

Protects you and your passengers by limiting airflow between driver and passengers. 

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Maximize Passenger Space

The angled design of our shields improves headspace by wrapping around the front seats. 

Compass Health Shield Pro
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Introducing the Compass Health Shield PRO

The industry’s ONLY self-adjusting shield lets you move your seats to any position, any time. 


With the Compass Health Shield Pro, you have unlimited flexibilty to move driver and passenger seats with the protection of a 1-piece shield.  The best quality shields for your vehicles. 


PRO 1-piece SUV Shield



PRO 1-piece Sedan Shield 


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The Original

In addition to our new PRO shield, check out our Original Auto Health Shields. Our original, industry leading patented design is offered in both a 1-piece and a 2-piece option. 
See the video below to determine which shield is best for your needs.

Dual Panel.png


Complete flexibility for seating with added protection from germs. 

Single Panel.png


Maximum protection for you and your passengers.

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Installs Quickly

Simple velcro strap installation that works best with typical 2 post or solid headrest

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Sedan 1-Piece


2020_09_08. XL 1pc - back three quarterp

SUV 1-Piece


2020_09_08 - Sedan 2 piece.jpg

Sedan 2-Piece


2020_09_08 - XL 2pc - three quarter rear

SUV 2-Piece



36" Velcro Strap


A longer strap for non-post-style headrests. 


24" Velcro Strap


A replacement strap for post-style headrests. 

close up bag.JPG

2-pc. Storage Bag


A storage solution for 2-piece Auto Health Shields.



Installation is quick and easy and Auto Health Shield fits a wide variety of vehicles. Simply use the velcro straps and fit holes to adjust to fit your vehicle. 

Shield Types

Watch this video to learn about the difference between our one and two-piece health shield kits to find the best solution for your vehicle.


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