Vital Oxide 3 oz. Spray
  • Vital Oxide 3 oz. Spray

    We are a proud distributor of Vital Oxide, the industries leading ecologically safe disinfective.


    • Approved by the EPA for use against Covid-19!

    • Spray the interior of your car: seats, arm rests, door handles, and even the air vents.

    • Disinfects and deodorizes.

    • Kills germs, bacteria, viruses and odors instantly!

    • EPA Registered. No harsh chemicals.

    • Safe enough for spraying on your skin, and even food

    • 3oz spray bottle. The perfect take anywhere, store anywhere size.



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    For everyday protection against germs and the flu, especially during today’s environment with the Covid-19 Coronavirus pandemic, you need all the extra protection you can get. Our car and industrial sneeze shields, golf cart shields, and personal anti-viral sprays are designed with your safety in mind. Our polycarbonate shield products are easy to use and install, allowing quick installation and immediate use. 

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